Michael Savage warns Trump that Senate Republicans may turn on him

Michael Savage is a legend in the conservative talk radio world, and he has never been one to pull punches.

So, it was not overly surprising to hear Savage make the announcement that, while it would be tragic, he would not be shocked if Senate Republicans suddenly decided to turn on Trump during this impeachment process.

“Whichever way the wind blows…”

If we have learned anything over the years about politicians, it is that they will always put themselves and their careers first. While Senate Republicans have maintained a solid front defending Trump so far, that could change rather dramatically over the course of the next three or four months.

“They’re quislings and are liable to go against [Trump] if push comes to shove,” Savage stated. “I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them and an elephant is their symbol. They never liked him, they never wanted an outsider in the presidency.”

“They wanted someone who was amongst their club,” he went on. “The club machine on both sides decides who will become president. Along came this outsider, this gruff, vulgar businessman, and they hate him and still do. I don’t trust many of them, if any of them.”

Even Trump’s most loyal supporters in Congress have turned on him at times, so Trump supporters should truly heed this warning.

Dems have no chance

It’s not all doom and gloom with Savage, though. He also thinks that if Trump is not impeached and makes it to Election Day, there is not a candidate on the slate who has a chance to beat Trump.

Savage believes frontrunner Joe Biden’s performance to date is nothing to worry about, and the threat of a third-party candidate coming forward could hurt Biden’s chances of winning the election if he gets the nod.

As far as Sen. Elizabeth Warren goes, Savage believes she is “unelectable.”

“She is the most despicable of all of the candidates, next to Bernie Sanders, because her policies are as Marxist as his and in a package just as distasteful as his,” he said.

The bottom line, as Savage sees it, is that Democrats really don’t have a platform. They hit Trump with charges of racism, but Trump can point to low minority unemployment and criminal justice reform passed on his watch.

They can try to hit him on the economy, and Trump can show them the lowest unemployment rates in history and a booming economy on all fronts. And on it goes.

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