Michael Flynn fights back by hiring new legal team

During the Mueller investigation, former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn took it on the chin and barely said a word to defend himself.

That has all changed, as Flynn has brought in a new legal team and is taking some very aggressive measures to clear his name, according to the Daily Wire.

Taking It on the Chin

Michael Flynn is a retired and very highly decorated general. Up until two years ago, he was widely regarded as a hero.

Everything changed when he became a member of the Trump administration. Conversations he had that would have more than likely been overlooked in any other administration were suddenly characterized as criminal.

Flynn was put under a microscope for a conversation he had with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

As part of the Mueller investigation, Flynn eventually pled guilty to lying to investigators for the FBI. All the while, though, you could tell he was not exactly on board with the decision to make the plea.

It was more than likely a recommendation from his attorney, so he took the plea.

Things Have Changed

In an effort to clear his name and to have all charges dismissed, Flynn fired his entire legal team and hired lawyer Sidney Powell to take the reins.

Powell went right to work and last week made a court appearance to have the charges dismissed based on “egregious prosecutorial misconduct.”

Flynn’s new legal team is also requesting a series of documents to use in its court case, among them a 2017 memo that cleared Flynn of being “an agent of Russia.”

Additionally, Powell wants phone records from Washington Post reporter David Ignatius and James Clapper, the former National Intelligence Director.

Conservatives have long held that this is what Flynn should have done from day one. He was railroaded by Mueller, and time has proven that his investigation was a complete farce run by a bunch of Hillary supporters wanting to take Trump down.

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