Miami early voting turnout numbers give Biden camp cause for concern in Florida: Reports

Democrat officials out of Miami-Dade, Florida are sounding the alarm that Biden could lose the state, according to early voter turnout numbers.

Many Democratic leaders have been pushing the narrative that President Donald Trump is poised for a major loss on Election Day based on polling results, but Florida’s most populous county is displaying evidence that the state might be out of reach for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, as reported by the Miami Herald.

“It remains concerning”

The news comes in the wake of numerous reports that Biden’s campaign is suffering from a notable enthusiasm deficit compared to Trump’s re-election bid.

In 2016, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won Miami-Dade County by 29 points over Trump, but still managed to lose the state’s electoral votes by coming up short elsewhere across Florida.

This year, Biden appears to be underperforming in the county as he seeks to secure a win that could prove critical in his bid to limit Trump to one term in the White House.

By the sound of some state Democratic leaders, however, the process is not going as planned.

“There is not the turnout here in the black community that I’ve seen in the past,” said state Sen. Oscar Braynon. “I can speculate about the reasons, but the fact is it remains concerning.”

“A big turnout issue”

Democratic Party data analyst Matt Isbell added more cause for concern.

“Democrats have a big turnout issue in the Hispanic community in Miami-Dade,” he concluded. “Hispanic Democrat turnout is only 48% while the Republican Hispanics are at 57%. This large of a gap doesn’t exist in Broward or Orange. It is a Miami problem.”

Some of the party’s most outspoken pundits are issuing an even broader warning ahead of Election Day, as Breitbart reported.

“It’s awful news that Biden is ahead by 7 points in Michigan, and I have to fight against this constantly,” said filmmaker Michael Moore. “I need to remind people that the poll back in July said at that point that Biden was ahead, in Michigan, by 16 points. Trump has cut that in half.”

Of course, the last-minute pleas from Miami and elsewhere across the nation might have come too late to change things after months of news coverage painting Biden as the surefire favorite to win on Election Day.

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