Mexico arrests 791 illegal immigrants – in one day

Whether anyone on either side of the aisle wants to admit it or not, President Donald Trump’s strategy on Mexico is working.

Mexican authorities this weekend announced that almost 800 illegal immigrants had been taken into custody on Saturday alone.

Larger Caravans

Earlier this year, it was revealed by border officials that more and more of the people coming across the border are doing so in much larger groups.

Whereas 100 or more used to be the exception, they are now seeing dozens of these large groups every month, sometimes within a week’s span.

As an effort to abide by the new deal reached with President Trump, Mexico has agreed to use more troops and police to thwart these larger groups and stop them before they can cause havoc at our border facilities.

The effort has paid off, as Mexican officials announced on Saturday, they had stopped four tractor-trailers filled with illegal immigrants. In all, there were 791 people stuffed inside the trucks.

The drivers of the trucks were arrested and the illegal immigrants were taken to a Mexican detention facility.

The Real Problem

While Dems rail against Trump and blame him for the problem at the border, you need look no further than this news story for the real blame.

To be perfectly honest, some of the pictures from the scene were heartbreaking. Little children had been stuffed into these trucks and forced to stay inside in conditions we can only imagine as being truly dehumanizing.

This is what Democrat policies are inviting to happen.

These immigrants know family units are the way to go, so they put these children through these horrific ordeals in order to gain entry to the United States.

If Democrats would ever get take a look at the real world, this situation could be solved in a heartbeat.

This, however, is exactly what they want to happen. If Dems had their way, those trucks would have made it over the border so they could complain even more about the overcrowded holding facilities.

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