Mexican mayoral candidate assassinated

Killings in Mexico are not just among the drug cartels.

Yet another political assassination has been reported, this time against mayoral candidate Alejandro Chavez Zavala.

Politically Motivated

There is a clear message being delivered to political figures in Mexico: if you stand against the cartel and organized crime, you will be murdered.

In addition to the assassination of Zavala, more than a dozen other political candidates for the upcoming election have been killed.

Most of the murders have taken place against local candidates known for wanting to clean up businesses and areas of the country where organized crime run rampant.

With two more weeks still to pass before the July 1 elections, everyone with their name on a ballot has to be concerned for their life at this point.

Well, at least those that are not in the pockets of the local crime syndicates.

More Brutality

Zavala was not the only mayoral candidate targeted.

According to reports, a second candidate, Ismael Aguirre Rodriguez, suddenly disappeared earlier in the week. Rodriguez was running for office in Nadadores.

Local authorities stated that he went out Tuesday for drinks and was never seen again.

As we reported earlier in the week, a federal candidate for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Fernando Puron, was assassinated just last week. His brutal assassination was captured on video.

The assassin approached him from the rear after a debate and shot him point blank in the back of the head. After Puron fell, the assassin shot him several more times in the chest, then fled the scene.

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The intent of organized crime is obvious: they want to dissuade anyone that is even thinking about cleaning up crime in its cities from running for office.

Only time will tell if they actually succeed.

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