Mexican border city mayor assassinated in full view of public

A blatant assassination attempt has taken away one of the truly good guys in Mexican politics.

After appearing at a local debate for a federal congressional seat, former mayor Fernando Puron Johnston was brutally murdered.

Just Standing There

Surveillance video taped the assassination — and the footage is quite disturbing.

Johnston had just finished up at a debate and was standing outside the auditorium talking to people.

You can see a man stalking the area for about 30 seconds before he made his move.

Then, suddenly, the bearded man starts to approach Johnston from behind.

When he gets within a few steps, he pulls a gun from his waistband.

When he is within a couple of feet of Johnston, he puts the gun directly to his head and fires a shot.

Johnston immediately fell and the gunman shot him several more times in the chest, then left the scene.

You can see the video below, but beware — the content is quite graphic:

A police manhunt immediately ensued.

However, as of this writing, the suspect has not yet been captured.


Johnston was a true beacon of light in corrupt world of Mexican politics.

He made his reputation while serving as the mayor of Piedras Negras, a Mexican border city.

While in office, he became a thorn in the side of local organized crime.

Johnston focused much of his efforts on cleaning up seedy bars and cantinas in the area.

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In addition, he tried to crackdown on known brothels and bars that were being used by local crime syndicates as fronts.

Considering his reputation, it would be a fairly safe to assume that local criminals wanted him out of the way before he had any chance of taking over a congressional seat.

It’s a shame.

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