German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not seek re-election

Liberal globalism took a major hit this week.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel formally announced she will NOT be seeking re-election when her term concludes in 2021.

Writing on the Wall

Merkel has been one of the prominent figures in international politics over the last decade.

She has also been one of the loudest voices supporting worldwide liberal causes.

The German chancellor has been an adamant supporter of open borders and pushed to welcome a huge influx of Middle Eastern migrants into Germany.

Unfortunately for Merkel, the aftermath of that decision did not make voters very happy in Germany.

Recent elections in Hesse and Bavaria have made even Merkel realize that liberal leadership is not what the people of Germany want right now.

Migrant Problem

Everything started to go downhill in 2015.

That was when Merkel decided to change immigration laws and open the borders to migrants, most of whom came from war-torn Syria, along with some from Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries.

Immediately after the suspension of immigration regulations, hundreds of thousands of migrants poured into the country.

Other countries throughout the European Union were impacted by these caravans of migrants traveling through their countries to get to Germany.

All of this was happening on the world stage, bringing the problems with unsecured borders right into everyone’s living room on the nightly news.

In little more than a year, it is estimated that more than 1,000,000 migrants entered Germany. That number has grown in the ensuing years.

Tensions rose as the Germans struggled to adjust to the influx of migrants, and reports of crime, particularly rape, rose. Just this week, hundreds marched in protest after an 18-year-old in Freiburg was gang-raped by a group of seven Syrian migrants and one German man, who were arrested Sunday.

In addition to crime, the country was now facing terrorist attacks from within, including the 2016 Berlin Christmas market attack in which 12 were killed by a recently-denied asylum seeker from Tunisia.

The failing German policies drew the ire of then-candidate Trump, putting even more pressure on Merkel and her new policies.

Now, the people have spoken, and they clearly want change… and Merkel is finally willing to give it to them.

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Germany has now gone through many of the issues we are currently facing here in the United States and it is painfully clear that type of liberal thinking does not work.

Take note my fellow Americans, because we can prevent this same fiasco from happening on our own soil simply by casting our vote on November 6.

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