‘Angel Mom’ Mary Ann Mendoza slams Democrats in Fox interview for prioritizing illegal immigrants in light of recent deaths

Americans across the country were outraged to learn that a legal immigrant police officer was gunned down and killed by an illegal immigrant gang member this week, particularly in light of the Democrats’ staunch opposition to securing the southern border and combating illegal immigration.

The news hit especially close to home for “Angel Mom” Mary Ann Mendoza — whose police officer son was murdered by an illegal immigrant — and she just (rightly) slammed Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer¬†for “committing a treasonous act” by prioritizing the rights of illegal immigrants over the lives of American citizens.

“Angel families”

In an interview on Fox & Friends on Saturday, Mendoza first spoke of how her son, police Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, had been killed in a drunk driving accident by a previously deported illegal immigrant in 2014.

Asked about the recent murder of California officer Cpl. Ronil Singh by an illegal immigrant gang member, Mendoza said: “My heart is just ripping apart in my chest just knowing, and every death is tragic and every funeral that a family has to plan for a family member is tragic.”

“But when it’s a law enforcement officer, it’s almost like the planning is taken away from you because the law enforcement family takes over, and it’s very overwhelming and it’s very touching,” she continued.

“I just want the family to know that my heart goes out to them and ‘Angel Families’ are praying for them, we know exactly the struggle that they’re dealing with today,” she added.

Treasonous acts against American people

Mendoza went on to condemn Democrats’ moves to seemingly place illegal immigrants above citizens by maintaining sanctuary cities, calling for open borders, and demanding the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE).

“The acceptable amount of crime committed against American citizens by illegal immigrants is zero,” she said. “This argument that they commit less crime than American citizens, it’s a non-issue. The amount of crime that we should accept is zero. This is just another death that has been added to the toll of tens of thousands of American citizens killed by illegal alien criminals in our country.”

She went on to lambast Democrat leaders in particular, accusing them of treason and urging them to listen to the American people.

“I look at Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, that they are actually committing treasonous acts against the American people when they are placing illegal aliens, and their rights, and their protection ahead of their fellow American citizens who have actually voted them into office and are paying their salaries in D.C.,” she said.

“Every politician in Washington D.C. should be listening very closely to the American people right now because we have woken up, and we are tired of the lies that come out of their mouth,” Mendoza added. “Nancy has the gall to stand in front of a camera and say, ‘criminals don’t come over the border, they don’t bring diseases, they don’t bring crime.’ Does she really think we are that idiotic, that we haven’t figured this out by now?”

She went on to say that politicians should be less concerned with investigating alleged crimes committed by President Donald Trump and instead be more worried about facing investigations and lawsuits against themselves by the people for the “crime” of not protecting American citizens from harm, as they have all sworn an oath to do.

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This mother knows first-hand the devastating effect the Democrat’s pro-illegal immigration policies have on American families, and she has every right to call them out for their “treasonous” failure to place the safety of American citizens above the desires of foreigners who aren’t in this country legally.

The death of her son — and the officer recently slain in California — never should have happened.

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