Men cleaning up honors that are designated for 'women'

March 23, 2023
World Net Daily

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Men have been cleaning up in recent months when the honors are designated for women.

Jill Biden was ridiculed when, at the White House, she honored a man on International Women's Day. A man recently took first in a women's bicycling race in New York.

Men have been entered in beauty pageants, and, of course, there are the controversial women's swim competition victories by Lia Thomas, a male.

The newest such case has developed in a decision by USA Today to name a man as one of its "Women of the Year."

The publication said its 2023 "Women of the Year" includes Leigh Finke, of Minnesota.

He's a biological man who portrays himself as a woman and is the first transgender in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

The report explained, "Finke is a biological man who transitioned to live as a woman in 2017. Finke’s politics aside, this is someone who has lived as a man for the majority of their adult life. This is an affront to other extraordinary Minnesota women. It didn’t take long to find some amazing women in Minnesota. Women worthy of note, perhaps even in a national publication."

Others on the USA Today list, women, included Nicole Mann, the first Native American woman in space, and 19-year-old Dasia Taylor of Iowa, who "invented an infection-detecting suture, then founded an inclusion-focused medical device company."

The report charged, "Minnesota boasts accomplished women in many fields; business, law, politics, health, and more. For USA Today to recognize a transgender woman, a biological man who lived well into his 30s as a man, and ignore any of these women listed, makes a mockery of male and female differences.

"It’s disheartening to see biological men continue to usurp women for their own recognition, stealing their limelight and kudos, just because it’s now seen as inclusive to allow biological men to take the place of women anywhere."

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