Melania Trump gives the White House a makeover: Report

It is no secret that the White House public rooms take a beating and often look worn, but this is something Melania Trump has been working hard to fix.

Very quietly and without much fanfare, Melania Trump has been toiling behind the scenes to restore the Red Room, Green Room, and Blue Room in the White House, according to TIME magazine.

A New Look

To those who work in the White House on a daily basis, the update to the rooms was much needed and long overdue. In the Red Room, all the wall fabric has now been refreshed.

In the Green Room, Melania repurposed the draperies, and the in the Blue Room, the furniture has been completely restored.

The White House is meant to be a living, but operational museum, a definition that Melania Trump has taken to heart as she completed these tasks.

One of the roles of the first lady is to be a sort of caretaker for the official residence. Considering the condition of the furnishings when the Trumps arrived, we really have to wonder why Michelle Obama allowed these rooms to deteriorate so badly.

Was it her animosity regarding the origins of the White House, or just her general disdain for expressions of patriotism that allowed her to leave the house in need of such attention when the Obama family departed in January 2017?

Redecorating with a Purpose

According to TIME, the restoration of the White House has become a passion for Mrs. Trump.

While overseeing the project, she has relied heavily on the history of our country to influence some of the new decorations. All the while, the first lady has also shown a level of frugality so as not to waste taxpayer money.

An example of her attention to detail is the new rug in the Diplomatic Reception Room. Michelle Obama left a carpet that had nearly been worn through, so Mrs. Trump designed a new rug featuring the official flowers of every state in the union along its fringe.

To save money when redoing the draperies in the Green Room, the first lady simply moved the material from the front to the back, replacing just the fringe.

Once again, Melania Trump is proving in many ways reminiscent of Jacqueline Kennedy, who created the historical association largely responsible for curating the countless historical and decorative items found throughout the White House.

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