Melania Trump biographer says First Lady unlikely to divorce Trump post-presidency

With all of the allegations made against President Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, it is only natural for people to wonder if Melania will remain Mrs. Trump after the couple leaves the White House.

According to author Kate Bennett, who wrote “Free Melania,” the unauthorized biography of our First Lady, Melania Trump is not likely to be planning on divorcing Donald Trump.  

Quietly strong

While Melania’s faith is not something that she broadcasts, it is very strong. She is also a woman that seems very comfortable in a relationship that is not the center of public attention.

Melania and Donald Trump do not often broadcast their feelings, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t devoted to one another. In this age of social media, however, many read into the lack of public displays of affection on the part of the First couple.

Both Barack and Michelle Obama are very fond of expressing their love publicly and did so throughout their time in the White House, so that has automatically become the norm for what people expect of a president these days.

While Donald Trump has always been fairly open about his life, Melania has not, and he has respected that during their marriage.

However, these speculations, along with accusations of affairs are what some believe will lead to their divorce when Trump leaves office.

Bennett, however, says that is unlikely. She stated, “If I were a betting person, I would say she’ll stay with him and not divorce him. I think Melania has more faith and religious devotion than most people assume.”

Standing up to Trump

Many of those close to the Trumps have stated this relationship is unlike anything Donald Trump has ever experienced before. Melania has no problem standing up to Trump and is one of the few people in his life that can quiet him with a simple look.

Donald Trump has never hidden the fact that he respects Melania’s opinion and will often seek her counsel when making decisions. While liberals regularly attack Melania, she has been openly embraced by conservatives.

Her style and class are something that has endeared her to the right, with more than a few comparisons to Jackie O.

Hopefully, Melania will not let the media dictate what happens when she is no longer the First Lady and will remain Mrs. Trump for many years to come.

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