Melania Trump’s spokeswoman dinged for Hatch Act violation

Democrats are ecstatic their constant complaining is finally producing some rewards.

After Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) whined that a tweet made by Stephanie Grisham violated the Hatch Act, the first lady’s spokeswoman has been issued a letter of reprimand from U.S. Office of Special Counsel.

The Hatch Act

The Hatch Act was put in place to prevent political corruption back in 1939.

Per this legislation, federal employees are prohibited from engaging in any behavior that could alter elections.

Examples include offering jobs for votes or, in this day and age, using official federal accounts to politic for someone.

Realistically, this act is probably violated on a daily basis by members of both parties, but it is rarely enforced.

That all changed when Donald Trump became president.

Grisham’s Tweet

Carper, yes the same Sen. Carper that admitted to beating slapping his wife around, apparently has nothing else to do but troll social media accounts.

One would have thought Grisham’s tweet was the end of the world based on his Twitter rant:

What really happened, though, was that Grisham announced an anniversary, and shared her thoughts about being part of the administration.

Her since-deleted tweet read: “Three years ago today I listened to my gut & joined the Trump team in #PHX … & life has never been the same. So proud to work for both @POTUS @realdonaldtrump & @FLOTUS us #MAGA”

Where is the problem?

Because Trump used #MAGA as a campaign slogan, the tweet was deemed to have violated the Hatch Act.

Thankfully, the Office of Special Counsel realizes how ridiculous this is and issued Grisham only a warning.

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She was, however, warned that any further violations would result in more severe discipline.

Perhaps now Carper can get to work doing something for Americans rather than trolling the accounts of White House officials.

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