First Lady Melania Trump’s policy director resigns after less than 8 months

A key member of Melania Trump’s staff just walked out the door.

Very surprisingly, Reagan Hedlund, Melania’s top policy aide, has resigned her position.

Nobody Saw It Coming

Hedlund only joined the First Lady’s staff in January.

She played a key role in helping Melania launch her “Be Best” campaign.

The First Lady’s staff is both small and very adept at controlling what information gets out to the press.

That being the case, more than a few people were surprised when Hedlund’s resignation was announced.

Creating even more curiosity was the very brief statement released by Hedlund to announce her resignation.

“I am very grateful to the First Lady for the opportunity to help launch her policy initiative,” Hedlund stated.

“It was a rare opportunity to contribute at such a high level. It was a difficult decision to leave. However, I have decided to return to my roots in the foreign policy world,” she added.

The Future

Exactly what role she will play in the future is unknown at this time.

However, it is worth nothing Hedlund had previously worked for Mike Pompeo when he was a Kansas Congressman.

With Pompeo now being Secretary of State, it is not exactly a reach to think that the previous relationship has been rekindled and he perhaps recruited her to be on his staff.

Regardless of where she is going, though, it would appear the First Lady might be a bit miffed at her departure.

Much like Hedlund’s statement, the First Lady’s statement was just as brief about her departure.

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Stephania Grisham, Melania’s spokeswoman, stated, “She is no longer with our office and we wish her our best.”

That is not exactly a ringing endorsement, nor does it sound like someone that is happy with the departed.

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