Melania Trump’s office requests privacy as she recovers from surgery

The entire country got a huge scare this week when our First Lady was rushed to the hospital for a medical emergency.

Now that she is recovering, Melania Trump’s spokesperson has requested “personal privacy” so FLOTUS can rest and recuperate from the ordeal.

Did She Really Have to Ask?

The mainstream media has been all over Melania Trump virtually from day one.

During the campaign, they were taking shots at her over her modeling career.

After Trump became president, they did everything they could to embarrass her.

When she accompanied Trump on his site visits for hurricane victims, they focused on her shoes rather than the work she was doing.

Now, after having kidney surgery, the mainstream media still wants a piece of her, but her communications department shut them right now.

Since there is virtually no shot of her getting privacy at the White House, the First Lady is staying at the hospital for roughly a week while she recovers.

The Media Won’t Stop

Rather than respecting her wishes, the media continue to attack the First Lady.

One network challenged how long Melania would be in the hospital, insinuating she should have already been released.

Stephanie Grisham shot them right down.

“The First Lady is in good spirits and she is resting. There are HIPAA laws to consider, but she also deserves personal privacy,” Grisham stated.


While most of us were concerned when we saw the initial reports, the First Lady came through the procedure with flying colors.

A statement was released by the White House after the procedure was performed that there were “no complications” during the surgery and there should be no danger moving forward for Melania.

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The President paid his wife a visit in the hospital, then shared a tweet to let everyone know she was okay.

The First Lady obviously has our support as well and we wish her a speedy recovery.

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