Melania Trump’s ex-boyfriend shares memories of first lady in unearthed interview

Over the last few weeks, we have seen several reports begin to surface about the history of the relationship between Donald and Melania Trump.

Now, a British publication, Express, has managed to dig up an interview given by an old boyfriend of Melania’s to get the inside scoop on what our first lady was like before she married Donald Trump.

Telling All

Before Melania Knauss ever made her way from Slovenia to the United States as a model, she was already a star on the runways in Europe. At the age of 21, she met Jure Zorcic, who described their meeting as though it was something out of a movie.

Zorcic said he spotted Melania walking down the street when he was out riding his motorcycle. One look and he was done.

He slammed on the brakes, turned around, and the two started chatting, which eventually blossomed into a relationship that lasted several months.

Even during those days, Melania dreamed of making it big as an international model and traveling the world, a dream that would eventually come true.

One thing Zorcic revealed, though, was that Melania never planned on setting down in New York, it was just “fate” that brought her down that path.

Relentless Media

Most first ladies are embraced by the media, but that has not been the case at all for Melania Trump.

As a model, Melania obviously has a past that no other first lady in our history has had, but the media establishment has always tried to portray her as though she did something wrong in her career.

When they are not attacking her over her past, they make fun of her accent or what she wears, always in an effort to belittle her and tear her down.

This is quite the opposite of what Michelle Obama experienced during her time as our first lady, when the media celebrated her every move.

When they are not denigrating Melania, media outlets are trying to dig something up from Donald Trump’s past to drive a wedge between the two of them. Through it all, though, Melania Trump stands tall and continues to carry out her duties as first lady with unrivaled elegance and grace.

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