Trump: First lady tested negative for coronavirus

Coronavirus has popped up several times in or near the White House by now, and concerns for the health of our president and first lady are only natural.

On Monday, President Donald Trump broke the news on Monday that First Lady Melania Trump has been tested for COVID-19 and the results have officially come back as negative. 

Coronavirus in the White House

President Trump appears to be living a charmed life, as he has managed to sidestep infection thus far even after having been exposed to numerous people that have tested positive.

The concern first started when it was revealed that a man that had attended the Conservative Political Action Conference, held in the early days of the pandemic, had tested positive.

While Trump did not personally come into contact with the man, several people that Trump did come in contact with soon after had directly been exposed to that individual. Additionally, several Brazilian officials that attended a meeting with President Trump at Mar-A-Lago several weeks ago also tested positive.

Last week, a staffer in Vice President Mike Pence’s office tested positive for the virus, prompting Pence and his wife Karen to pre-emptively be tested as well.

The White House Correspondents Association announced on Monday that a White House reporter is suspected to have contracted a case of COVID-19. The reporter was last admitted to the White House on March 18th.

President Trump himself took the test last week due to the multiple exposures and confirmed that his test was negative. More recently, President Trump confirmed that Melania Trump also took the test. “She’s great, she’s fine,” he told a reporter.

Protecting the president

One of the biggest ways the president is being protected right now is with social distancing.

For instance, during Trump’s daily press briefings, there are only a limited number of reporters allowed in the room each day and they are being forced to spread out as per CDC guidelines.

Trump has stated that he has stopped shaking hands and continues to wash his hands regularly and use hand sanitizer after coming into contact with surfaces or another individual.

Even though our president has avoided the virus, several members of Congress have not, most notably Republican Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), who found out this weekend that he was positive for the virus.

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