Melania Trump ‘steals the show’ at Trump’s first state dinner with exquisite silver gown

The media has been giving the First Lady a hard time as of late, but she just put them all to shame.

Not only did she organize the State Dinner with France, but Melania also stole the show when she showed up in a dazzling silver gown.

The Dinner

Melania did not take her duties lightly.

When the visit was first arranged, the First Lady immediately got to work organizing everything to ensure the dinner would go off flawlessly.

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, and his wife, Brigitte Marcon, appeared to be more than impressed by the effort put forward by Melania to pull this event off.

In fact, she was so impressive, even liberal media outlets had to give her some props.

The New York Times told readers Melania gave everyone “something to chew on.”

The Dress

From the moment Melania Trump first appeared, jaws were dropping all over Washington D.C.

Her silver Chanel dress was more than just a fashion statement.

melania trump state dinner dress
Photo – Washington Post Youtube Video

One of the idiosyncracies of these dinners is to make sure you do not offend the visitor.

Chanel has long been a staple of French Fashion, so she could not have made a more perfect selection for her wardrobe.

The collection from which this dress was chosen was also a statement of sorts.

Fashion magazines noticed the dress came from the Chanel spring couture collection.

The inspiration for the dress appears to be a pantsuit from the collection.

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The First Lady apparently had the suit “style” made into a dress for this occasion.

It will be hard to keep the Melania that showed up Wednesday night off fashion covers now.

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