First Lady Melania Trump shines during children’s hospital visit

Melania Trump is keeping a decades-old White House tradition alive in grand style.

The First Lady was decked out in a white dress with a red and white striped “festive” coat while visiting the Children’s National Hospital in Washington earlier this month.

Time-Honored Tradition

The tradition of the first lady visiting the children’s hospital dates back more than six decades.

It is one of those understood “duties” of the first lady — but it is also one Melania Trump absolutely loves and enjoys.

During her visit, Melania sat with a group of children and read them the book, Oliver the Ornament.

One look at the smiling faces of the children and it was quite apparent that they look forward to this visit just as much as the first lady does.

About That Approval Rating…

Despite her great work at the children’s hospital, the mainstream media spent the last week reporting about Mrs. Trump’s declining approval rating.

This was the first time the first lady’s approval rating has fallen since she became first lady.

But despite the reported opinion of the general public, among the parents and workers at the children’s hospital, there was nothing but admiration for the first lady.

Melania received a rousing round of applause at the event, and many of the parents and workers seemed just as happy as the children were to meet her.

Meanwhile, it remains baffling that the media still looks for ways to criticize Mrs. Trump.

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Melania has proven to be worthy of the title of first lady at every measure, and has never sought out headlines.

She is a classy woman who should be celebrated, not criticized and shredded constantly by an obviously biased media.

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