Melania Trump responds to affair rumors, warns media to leave Barron alone

Rumors and speculation have been running rampant for weeks now, and it appears as though the First Lady has had enough.

Melania’s press secretary, Stephania Grisham, took to Twitter to tell everyone to leave Barron out of the salacious stories.

Speculation Running Wild

The buildup to the Stormy Daniels interview on “60 Minutes” no doubt took its toll on our First Lady.

Leading up to the airing of the interview, the media were all over the First Lady trying to get some type of comment from her.

Rather than fall into their trap, Melania stayed out of the public eye.

While she did this in an effort to get the rumors to die down, it only made things worse.

The Media

Every time Melania did not show up next to President Trump, the media insisted this meant she was ready to walk out the door.

Then, when she did make an appearance with Trump, the media interpreted it in a way to make the Trump’s look like they are at each other’s throats.

For instance, when Melania and the President were walking to Marine one and she stumbled, the President pulled her close.

The media portrayed it as she was trying to get away from him rather than him helping her.

When Barron was on spring break and Melania took him to Mar-a-Lago, it was portrayed as her wanting to get away from her husband rather than spending time with her son.

First Lady Finally Fights Back

Melania is generally a very reserved woman, but she has finally reached her breaking point.

The tweet below was sent out by her press secretary, but you know it more than likely came at the request of Melania…

She is the true epitome of a mother bear.

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She may run the other way when you bang the pots and pans, but attack her cub, and she will turn vicious in a heartbeat.

The media would be best served to leave Barron out of their gossipy headlines, or they will surely face the wrath of Melania.

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