Melania Trump reportedly implicates Roger Stone in 2016 nude photo leak

A leaked photo scandal that occurred during the 2016 presidential election is still not sitting well with our first lady.

According to a recent unauthorized biography, when nude photos of Melania Trump were leaked to the media during the 2016 campaign, she privately put the blame on Republican operative Roger Stone, the Washington Examiner reports.

Who did it?

At the time of the leak, Donald Trump was already getting hit pretty hard in the media. Then, suddenly, the news cycle flipped to focus on Melania Trump being our first centerfold first lady.

The pictures that were published in the New York Post were not exactly a secret, but they had not been out in the public for more than two decades.

The shots were all of Melania nude, and they were taken in 1996. Now, in defense of Melania, she was a supermodel at the time, and had already done numerous provocative photo spreads.

After the first run of photos was published, a second set of photos came out that really caused a stir. In those photos, Melania was pictured naked in bed with another model, Emma Erickson.

Roger probably did it

There was a lot of speculation about how the pictures got out at the time of the printing. Some media pundits dropped it in the lap of Donald Trump, as does the book’s author.

The writer notes: “There remains to this day a strong indication that it was Trump himself who tipped off the New York Post to the photos, using his longtime friend Roger Stone to deliver the goods.”

They believed that since Trump was getting hit so hard in the media, he had the pictures released to deflect the attention away from him, even if for just a few days. Melania, however, reportedly refused to believe that her husband and father of her child would do such a thing.

According to author Kate Bennett, Melania believed the photos were leaked by Stone, as they were released a year after he was cut loose from her husband’s circle. Melania was never embarrassed by the photos, but she was worried about the impact the photos would have on her young son, Barron.

Imagine the shock of being an innocent 10-year-old boy and walking down the street only to see nude pictures of your mother plastered all over every newsstand.

When the story was published, Mrs. Trump completely withdrew from the public eye, something that may happen again as this topic is rehashed in Bennett’s new book.

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