Melania Trump hits back at ‘Vogue’ after magazine admits it will not profile her

It is somewhat of a tradition for high-profile fashion magazines to profile the first lady. So when Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief for Vogue, said that will not be happening with Melania Trump, it didn’t take long for the first lady to hit back.

Mrs. Trump’s spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, slammed Vogue in a statement, saying: “[Melania’s] role as the First Lady of the United States and all that she does is much more important than some superficial photo shoot and cover.”

The Media Bias

The ideology and platform of a first lady has never been an issue until Donald Trump was elected to be president of the United States.

Wintour did not pull any punches, either, when she was asked for the reason Melania has not been and will not be featured on the cover.

“We profile women in the magazine that we believe in the stand that they’re taking on issues we support them, we feel that they are leaders,” she said.

In her next sentence, she said women need to be supported — but took a cheap shot at Melania Trump in the process. (Quite frankly, it was shameful.)

The Real Reason

The fact is, like most media outlets, leadership at Vogue is politically biased.

Wintour was a major supporter for Barack Obama during his campaign, and she did the same for Hillary Clinton.

While Melania Trump shied away from the spotlight immediately after the election, that has not stopped her from pushing forward with her causes and platform.

Most notable are the first lady’s efforts to help children through reading and anti-bullying programs.

So, by opposing Melania Trump, is Wintour saying the magazine does not support the education of our children?

Is she saying that she supports the bullying of children?

Grisham had it right when she called the magazine cover superficial and not worthy of Melania Trump’s time.

All Wintour did was alienate the conservative readership base with her comments. If Melania Trump is not worthy of the cover, then the magazine should not be worthy of their hard-earned money.

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