Melania Trump has visited more child detention centers than Michelle Obama ever did

While liberal celebrities continue to take their shots at Melania Trump, they may want to consider the hard facts.

The most notable, considering the recent political climate, is that in roughly 18 months as the First Lady, Melania Trump has already visited more child detention centers than Michelle Obama.

The Story They Won’t Tell

The fact of the matter is child detention facilities were buried during the Obama administration.

In all of Obama’s time in office, there was only one major story about these facilities.

And, although it got a quick blurb from a major network, it went away just about as quickly as it appeared.

The conditions seen in that report were actually the images retweeted by CNN earlier this year.

It showed children stacked up on top of each other.

Portable toilets were being kept in their living quarters.

When that story broke, it would make sense for Michelle Obama to visit those centers, right?

Well, it never happened.

According to a report on the Daily Caller, Michelle Obama NEVER visited a single facility while her husband was in office.

Say What They Want

The liberal media can do and say whatever it wants, but the facts tell a completely different story.

While families were being separated under past administrations, no president EVER put legislation into place that would ensure these families be kept together during processing.

The fact that they were separated ONLY came into play because Trump is president.

Now, after public outrage, Melania herself has toured the facilities.

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In addition, she has stated she will help do whatever is in her powers to help get these families back together again as soon as possible.

A sentiment we NEVER heard from Michelle Obama.

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