Melania Trump gets out of White House, attends gala at Ford’s Theatre

Remember all those rumors about Melania Trump being held prisoner in the White House?

Well, our First Lady once again tried to put them to rest after making an appearance at the Ford Theatre on Sunday.

The Event

Sunday night was the Lincoln Medal Gala at the Ford Theatre.

Melania just happened to be the honorary chair of the event, so it is no real surprise that she attended the function.

The First Lady also gave some remarks at the event.

FLOTUS stated, “I was honored to be a part of such a special evening.”

“Tonight reminds all of us about the power the arts have in cultivating the American voice,” she added.

The Media Spin

After Melania had her medical emergency, the media has been all over her for not appearing in public.

Trump himself recently lashed out at the media over this very subject.

The President apparently finally reached his breaking point over the attacks against his wife.

Even with the appearance, though, the liberal media spins it like it is a rare sighting of Big Foot.

The spin by the media is taking shots at the First Lady and her husband for Melania not accompanying him on his trip abroad.

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The President recently attended the G7 Summit, where he left in a huff after some derogatory comments made by Canadian PM Trudeau.

Trump is now headed to Singapore to meet with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un in what could be a historical meeting as well as an anchor to Trump’s presidential legacy.

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