Melania Trump flashes grin in rare outing with husband

 April 3, 2024

Melania Trump flashed a big grin during one of her rare outings with her husband.

The glamorous and famously reclusive former First Lady snapped photos with her husband Donald and his lawyer Alina Habba, who celebrated her birthday with the Trump retinue at Mar-A-Lago on Saturday. Despite constant rumors of rifts within the Trump family, the family appears to be doing well.

Melania smiles with Donald

That's saying a lot considering the extraordinary legal and financial pressure Donald is under.

His 40-year-old lawyer, Alina Habba, has become a familiar face to many Americans as she defends Trump against the Democrats' lawfare. But it appears efforts to bankrupt and jail Donald have not dampened his or his wife's spirits.

Photographs shared on Instagram showed Melania in a black dress smiling with her husband and Habba.


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Melania was also spotted with her son Barron Trump, who turned 18 in March, at the family's Easter brunch.

Little is known about Melania's private life, but she is known to be very protective of her son. With Barron having come of age, it's unclear whether Melania will begin to focus more of her attention on her husband's career.

"Stay tuned"

Long portrayed as a reluctant wife and First Lady in the media, Melania continues to face rumors that she has one foot outside of her marriage. Those rumors have been fueled by her relatively rare appearances with her husband, whose presidential campaign is in full swing as he faces multiple criminal prosecutions.

But some say that Melania believes in a "less is more" mentality when it comes to public appearances.

"She is very selective and methodical in what she wants to do and how she presents herself," a source told CNN. "She is very decisive with these things and knows they have a lot of intended and unintended consequences."

Melania's former chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, said she has a different philosophy than Jill Biden, whose vigorous advocacy of her aging husband has been widely remarked.

"Melania has said, 'I don't need to stand by Donald like Jill Biden; it is like she's holding Joe Biden up,'" Grisham said.

Melania made a recent appearance during the presidential primary in Florida, telling reporters, "stay tuned."

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