Melania Trump defends students who booed her during Baltimore event

Our current first lady has shown nothing but class since President Donald Trump took office, and once again, she took the high road after being attacked for simply bearing her husband’s last name, IJR reports.

After Melania Trump left the White House to hit the road and promote her “Be Best” campaign, she made a stop at a Baltimore event to talk to high-schoolers about the initiative. Students booed her during the appearance, but Melania stated afterward that while the students had a right to their opinion of her, it would not change what she was doing.

Stunning attack

Having the first lady appear at any school is typically viewed as a great honor. It is a chance for the school and student body to get some very positive press coverage and perhaps be inspired.

When Melania Trump showed up at a Baltimore school, however, the students chose to embarrass themselves, their school, and their city.

As our first lady took the stage, she was greeted by jeers and boos from the students attending the event.

That treatment continued throughout her appearance, as well as when Melania left the stage.

Taking the high road

It would have been very easy and understandable if Melania had lashed out at the students for the reception she received, but that is not her style.

Instead, she reminded everyone just how gracious she is when asked about the reception she received at the school.

Melania stated: “We live in a democracy and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the fact is we have a serious crisis in our country and I remain committed to educating children on the dangers and deadly consequences of drug abuse.”

The sad reality is that the children Melania was speaking too are probably among those who can benefit the most from both her comments and efforts to fight drug abuse.

Baltimore, like many Democrat-run cities, is overwhelmed with drugs, poverty, and homelessness. However, instead of calling out the Democrat politicians who have ruined these cities over the course of decades, they would rather take it out on our first lady and blame conservatives.

One day, hopefully, they will see Democrats for the hypocrites they are and will finally hold the party accountable for its actions.

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