Melania Trump calls for compassion amid immigration battles

Melania Trump stunned the media this weekend with a surprise appearance.

The First Lady showed up at a youth conference to encourage “kindness, compassion, and positivity.”

Not Hiding

Many people were surprised when the First Lady showed up at the Students Against Destructive Decisions conference this weekend.

The conference was being held at Tyson’s Corner in Virginia.

Considering the pushback after her visit to immigration detention facilities in Texas, most expected her to keep a low profile for a bit.

Melania, however, stood tall, as this appearance was associated with her “Be Best” campaign.

Her Message

The appearance was an important one to make with a very important message.

Children today face far more challenges than most of us did when we were growing up.

The social media age has subject them to an entirely new level of bullying and shaming.

Melania is trying to stop the cyber bullying that often happens today and pleading with today’s youth to start to become part of the solution.

FLOTUS stated, “It is far easier to say nothing than it is to speak words of kindness.”

“It is easier to judge quickly than it is to understand. It is often easier to see a glass half-empty than half full,” Melania continued.

She further added, “Nevertheless, you have the power to be a positive force in so many people’s lives.”

Respect is something that is sorely missing for far too many of today’s youth.

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Their lack of respect and sense of entitlement need to be addressed ASAP or our future in this country is pointed to the far left.

Hopefully, Melania’s message is heard and acted upon.

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