Melania Trump body double rumor resurfaces

September 29, 2023
Robert Ayers

The Melania Trump body double rumor is back. 

The reader may remember that, during Donald Trump's term as president of the United States, there was a conspiracy theory that, at times - particularly during public events - a body double was used for the former first lady.

Well, this conspiracy theory is back.

And, it appears to have resurfaced for what might just be the strangest reason yet.

Melania's Twitter message

What appears to have reignited the Melania Trump body double theory is a message that the former first lady posted to her Twitter account on Sept. 14, 2023.

"I am pleased to continue USA Memorabilia’s tradition of celebrating the season with A Red, White, and Blue Christmas," the former first lady wrote.

She continued, "This year, I found myself looking to my love for our great nation for inspiration. May everyone experience an abundance of peace & love during the holiday season."

Take a look:

Out of character?

Previous iterations of the Melania Trump body double conspiracy theory were largely based on the idea that, at times, Melania Trump was spotted in public acting in a manner that contrasted with the manner in which some expected her to act. In other words, her behavior did not match the preconceived expectations that some people had of her.

This time, the conspiracy theory is even more absurd. It is based on the idea that Melania Trump would not write the type of message that was posted to her Twitter account - the same message that was quoted above.

"Why would Melania Trump not write this message?" you may ask. The answer is the infamous audio recording in which the former first lady allegedly said, "Who gives a f*** about Christmas stuff and decoration?"

Melania Trump has disputed the authenticity of this recording, and she insists that Christmas is "important" for her and her family. But, promoters of the body double theory are conveniently ignoring this.

The idea that someone other than Melania Trump - a "double" - must have posted the recent Twitter message to the former first lady's Twitter account because there is some disputed recording in which she allegedly disparaged "Christmas stuff and decoration" might just be the most absurd form of the Melania Trump body double theory yet.

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