Report: Melania Trump is Avoiding Photo Ops Amid Stormy Daniels Allegations

As the accusations of affairs by Donald Trump continue, the weight of it all seems to finally be taking its toll on our First Lady.

report has surfaced that Melania Trump is avoiding getting in front of cameras for photo ops with President Trump.

Conspicuous Absences

From day one, Melania has more or less stayed out of the limelight in her role as First Lady.

However, she was generally at Trump’s side and the two shared more than a few tender moments while the cameras were snapping away.

Recently, though, it seems like we are seeing less and less of her.

And, when we do see her, she is very subdued and seems to want to get out of the public eye as soon as possible.

Whereas she usually accompanied the President for his walk to Marine One, she has been noticeably absent in recent days.

There have also been reports that the First Lady and President have taken separate motorcades in during recent trips.

During a recent exit from Air Force One, local media reported Melania using Barron as a buffer between herself and President Trump.

As they exited the plane, there was no hand holding or embrace, but rather Melania getting down the steps as quickly as possible, then getting into their vehicle and out of public sight again.

Fact or Fiction?

Melania has yet to make a public statement about the alleged affairs, so everything that is being reported at this point is merely second-hand information.

An alleged source “close to the family” recently told US Weekly, “She is very, very unhappy with her life. If she could, she would get away from Donald and just be with her son.”

Is this truth or this just someone trying to stir something up again? Maybe one of her so-called friends is just trying to get the media to like them.

There is little doubt these stories are taking a toll on the First Lady, which may explain her avoiding reporters and staying away from the camera.

While those “tender moments” have not happened often lately, they have happened.

During a walk across the lawn to Marine One last week, Melania stumbled and the President quickly pulled her closer to prevent her from falling.

As they walked the rest of the way to Marine One, the First Couple did so arm-in-arm.

There was also the photo outside the White House on March 22 after the big snow storm hit the east coast, with President Trump and Melania subtly holding hands and smiling with the storm brewing behind them.

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Nobody can blame Melania for wanting to stay out of the public eye, because the moment she makes herself accessible, you know the sleazy reporters will ram a microphone in her face and start asking her about the alleged affairs.

Until the First Lady makes an official public statement, only she truly knows what is spinning around in that elegant head of hers. What we do know for sure is that the media still has it out for the Trumps, and no matter what they do the media will pursue them and try to ruin their lives. This is the price they pay for trying to Make America Great Again.

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