Melania Trump is being attacked on Twitter — and it isn’t pretty

In keeping with the long-held tradition for the first lady of the United States to adopt and promote a “cause” during their tenure in the White House, Melania Trump’s chosen cause is helping children deal with emotional, physical and social health issues, particularly with regard to opioid abuse, social media use, and overall well-being. It’s an initiative she has dubbed “Be Best.”

Ironically, given that part of her initiative focuses on discouraging social media bullying, the first lady’s most recent tweet promoting “Be Best” was harshly attacked by Trump critics.

An update on “Be Best”

On Friday, shortly after the partial government shutdown had ended, Melania Trump tweeted, “Our work in the East wing continues into 2019 with online safety, fighting opioid abuse & supporting the well-being of children everywhere! #BeBest”

As if intent on proving the first lady’s point about online safety and social media bullying, liberal Twitter users responded with a barrage of hateful tweets. Due to the seriously offensive content, we won’t share any of the comments here.

Liberal Twitter Reacts

Suffice it to say, many commenters questioned whether the first lady had actually done anything of substance to further her “Be Best” initiative.

Several suggested she focus getting her husband, the president, banned from Twitter if she really wanted to address online safety and social media bullying.

However, far and away the biggest critique from the haters was in relation to the persistent “fake news” about a policy of illegal immigrant children being locked in cages and mistreated after crossing the border — replete with the tired old Obama-era photos — and the repeated question of what the first lady was doing about “those” particular children as part of her initiative.

“I really don’t care, do you?”

That line of criticism went hand-in-hand with numerous tweets criticizing the jacket the first lady wore while boarding a plane to visit with the aforementioned illegal immigrant children at the border in 2018 — a green, military-style jacket that read “I really don’t care, do you?” on the back.

Mind you, she only wore the jacket while boarding the plane in Washington D.C., and wasn’t wearing it while actually visiting with children, but the narrative remained.

Trump haters assumed the jacket meant that the Trumps didn’t really care about the plight of illegal immigrant children, while supporters — and the first lady herself — said the message was intended for the endlessly critical “left-wing media.

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Melania Trump receives an oversized dose of partisan hatred whenever she posts to social media. Perhaps her haters should give a bit more consideration to the social media bullying aspect of her “Be Best” campaign and rein in their disgusting behavior.

After all, their toxic behavior only serves to prove her point.

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