Melania stole the show with pink top as she returned to White House

Melania Trump has one-upped former First Lady Michelle Obama without even trying.

Collective jaws hit the ground when Melania returned to the White House looking stunning in white pans and a pink top.

Fashion Icon

It is not uncommon for the First Lady to have the fashion world focus on her while her husband serves at the behest of the people.

However, it has been quite some time since we have had a truly “fashionable” First Lady in the White House.

Be it their age or quiet nature, the last few decades have not exactly had designers flocking to have a First Lady wear their creations.

Michelle Obama did try to fill that role, but she always seemed out of place.

Then came Melania Trump, a legitimate former supermodel, who has literally put decades of First Ladies to shame…

More Than a Pretty Face

As we all know, although it is not a “paid” position, there are more than a few duties that come with being the First Lady.

Melania has found herself thrust into the public eye not necessarily in a way she wants, but she has answered the bell.

Even though the liberal media complains they do not have enough access, Melania has continued the legacy of brilliant FLOTUS’ on the Republican side of things.

She has taken the best the media has had to sling at her while holding her head high.

Michelle Obama had a lunch program, but Melania has truly taken the bull by the horns to help children fight back against cyber bullying.

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Her new program, Be Best, has been very well received and we continue to see her speaking with children at all age levels.

Simply put, we are lucky to have Melania as our First Lady.

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