Melania Trump said Donald would be a ‘great leader’ when she was dating him – in 1999

An old interview conducted in 1999 with Melania Trump for ABC News is suddenly getting a second life.

The in-depth interview offered an inside look at Melania — something we rarely see these days — including how even then, Melania thought her future husband Donald would make a “great leader.”

Take a look:

The Early Days

The interview occurred in New York City during a photo shoot for the North Shore Animal League America campaign.

The very young Melania, whose last name was “Knauss” at the time, was obviously quite smitten with her then boyfriend and future husband.

Her insight as to what “might” happen in her future if married Trump was quite amazing.

She said she’d put her career on hold and stand by her man if she had the opportunity to become first lady of the United States.

She also said saw herself as a Jackie Kennedy type and would be involved with several initiatives.

It was almost as though she was looking in a crystal ball.

Oddly enough, the comparisons of her to Kennedy began during her husband’s Inauguration Ceremony.

A Great Leader

Throughout the interview, Melania spoke very highly of her future husband.

One of the most telling parts of the interview was in how much respect she clearly had for him as a leader.

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“He’s a very smart man,” she said. “He knows how to do a business. He would be a great leader.”

While it took almost two decades for her predictions to come true, eventually, as we all now know, Melania was right on all counts.

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