New book claims Melania Trump runs the White House behind the scenes

There is reportedly a silent, but very strong, voice in the White House… and it is NOT Ivanka Trump.

According to a new book, The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game, that voice actually belongs to Melania Trump.

Ronald Kessler, the author of the new book, says Melania is the biggest and most powerful voice in the White House, regularly giving input on policy and decision making.

Shades of Nancy Reagan

The moment this story hit, it was hard to think of anyone else other than Nancy Reagan.

President Ronald Reagan made no qualms about the fact Nancy was one his most trusted advisors.

There were more than a few people saying she had President Reagan’s ear to the point that if she suggested it, it happened.

If we are to believe Kessler’s book, Melania has much the same influence on Trump.

Kessler stated, “She got him to run, he was pussy-footing around about running and she said you have to declare your candidacy and that’s what happened, and he went up in the polls.”

“Beyond that, she will disagree with him, she will sit in, in meetings with cabinet officers and she will disagree with Trump, her judgement is spectacular,” Kessler continued.

Spot On

While the media would have everyone believe Melania is a trophy wife and incapable of anything but smiling for the pictures, the impression Kessler offers is quite the opposite.

Spicer reportedly told Kessler, “She is a very powerful behind-the-scenes force.”

“When she weighs in, it’s always spot on,” Spicer added.

Will We Ever Hear from Melania?

While the First Lady apparently holds significant influence with the President, it is highly unlikely we will ever hear it from her mouth.

So far, Melania has preferred to be behind the scenes.

The news of her role may be shocking to some but for those that have followed the Trumps from his days as a property and investment mogul, Melania’s input and intelligence are not a surprise.

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Trump is known to surround himself with brilliant minds, so it makes perfect sense he would expect the same from his companion.

Whether Melania’s role is eventually revealed or she continues to stay in the background, we support her 100 percent as our First Lady.

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