Rumors swirl about Melania Trump after Trump Jr.’s wife files for divorce

You can call it wishful thinking on the part of Democrats and those who despise President Donald Trump, but Internet users are clamoring to find out if the first lady wants out of her marriage.

The day after it was announced that Vanessa Trump filed for divorce from Donald Trump Jr. there was a surge of Google searches to find out if first lady Melania Trump was divorcing President Trump.

The Porn Star.

There has been a ton of speculation that the president’s marriage was in danger because of the rumors that he had an affair, ten years ago, with porn star Stormy Daniels.

Google Trends noticed that there was a 70 percent increase in the search term “Melania Trump files for divorce” on Friday.

The phrase “Melania Trump filed for divorce” rose 40 percent in one hour, the Inquisitor reported.

Searches for the phrase “Trump divorce” also increased, but that could be due to the news about Trump Jr.’s divorce.

“Vanessa Trump filled for divorce from Donald Trump Jr.,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Melania must be jealous of her freedom now…”

“I been reading that Vanessa Trump filing for divorce from Donald Trump Jr. Melania Trump will be taking notes by filing for a divorce too,” wrote another.

The First Family Divorce.

The divorce of Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa was announced on Friday and it appears to be amicable.

That has to disappoint Democrats who are salivating for a tabloid story to hammer the first family with.

Many Democrats were thrilled that Trump Jr. and his wife announced their divorce and took pleasure from it, Twitchy reported.

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“After 12 years of marriage, we have decided to go our separate ways. We will always have tremendous respect for each other and our families. We have five beautiful children together and they remain our top priority. We ask for your privacy during this time,” they said in a joint statement.

That is a tough break Democrats.

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