Melania Trump responds to nasty attack on Twitter

The hatred toward First Lady Melania Trump is arguably just as bad at her as is toward her husband.

But after the trolls came out in force after a White House remodel update, Melania graciously but firmly set them all straight with a tweet of her own, the Washington Examiner reported.

Take a look:

Calling out the first lady

One of the primary “duties” of the first lady is to work on the never-ending renovation of the White House. As such, Melania Trump — just as Michelle Obama did — frequently gives updates to let everyone know the progress that is being made.

But amid the tornadoes in Tennessee and the COVID-19 heath emergency, some of Twitter’s finest thought posting a tennis pavilion update was not the responsible thing for the first lady to do.

Some of the responses she received went beyond insulting, though, and were just downright mean and disgusting.

As usual, however, the first lady rose above it all. Rather than tossing insults back, she merely asked these trolls to contribute to society rather than be online bullies.

No respect

It is rather ironic that these insults are coming from leftists who characterize themselves as tolerant. To be unhappy with a White House construction project is one thing, but throwing insults at Melania is completely different.

The irony in this is that their party leaders continuously say that conservatives are the ones trying to create the divide.

This goes beyond the usual back and forth we see the endless stream of vicious political insults that have become the norm these days.

Civility at some point would be nice, but it seems unlikely we will see that in this political climate anytime soon.

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