Melania Trump remains in hospital – four days after kidney surgery

The world is starting to wonder if something far more serious is wrong with Melania Trump.

Four days after her emergency kidney surgery, Melania Trump remains hospitalized.


While we were originally led to believe this was a routine procedure, some pundits are now spinning a new tale.

After the procedure had been completed, it appeared the First Lady was going to stay a few extra days just to recover in peace and quiet.

However, most expected her to be headed home by Friday.

When Friday passed, and Melania was still at Walter Reed, the internet started to buzz again.

Every media outlet around started to call in experts to see if something more was wrong with FLOTUS.

Dr. Jeffrey Barnes stated, “It would really depend on how much of the kidney tissue they were treating with this operation.”

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (vice chairman of urology) Dr. Mohamad Allaf also chimed in.

He stated Melania’s stay was “somewhat atypical, but not out of the question.”

Dr. Allaf got everyone’s ears up with his next comment, though.

“Certainly, staying a little longer may imply that this is a little bit more of a complex situation,” Allaf added.

Hopefully Home Soon

With every move Melania makes being dissected by the press these days, hopefully she is just taking a few extra days to rest.

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We all know the moment she comes back to the White House, her life will be back under a microscope.

Take as long as you need Melania, because we are all pulling for you!

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