Poll claims Melania Trump’s approval ratings have fallen dramatically

First Lady Melania Trump has generally enjoyed significantly better poll numbers than her husband, President Donald Trump, but it seems an onslaught of negative news coverage may have finally taken its toll on the former model.

A recent poll showed that support for the first lady had slipped dramatically, falling by double digits from the mid-50s to the mid-40s in terms of her approval rating over the past couple of months.

Declining favorable rating

The poll placed Melania Trump’s favorable rating at 43 percent and her unfavorable rating at 36 percent, as of Dec. 6-9.

That is a relatively stark change from her numbers on Oct. 4-7, when she enjoyed a favorable rating of 54 percent and unfavorable rating of 30 percent.

Those October numbers were, in turn, down from the first lady’s high point of the tenure in office thus far, May 2-5 of this year, when she was viewed favorably by 57 percent and unfavorably by only 27 percent.

However, Ms. Trump’s numbers still remain substantially higher than the low ratings she received just prior to her husband’s inauguration in 2017, when the incoming first lady held a favorable rating of 36 percent and a near equal unfavorable rating of 35 percent.

Questionable methodology

But these poll numbers may not be reflective of the opinion of the first lady held by the general public, as the reported methodology of the poll doesn’t quite reflect an accurate ideological cross-section of the American public.

Indeed, the survey, which conducted by “independent research company” SSRS on behalf of CNN, contacted 1,015 adults — about 400 via landline, 600 via cell phone — and claimed a margin of error of nearly 4 percentage points.

But respondents to the poll reportedly broke down ideologically as 32 percent Democrat, 42 percent independent and only 26 percent Republican.

While Republicans certainly aren’t the most popular political party of all time, it is a fairly safe bet to presume that Republicans make up more than a mere quarter of the population, and should have been better represented in the cross-section sampled by the pollsters — which likely would have boosted Trump’s overall favorable rating.

Contradictory narratives

Still, despite the manner in which the poll appears to have been stacked against her, the breakdown of the polling results showed that most of the first lady’s support comes from older white males with little or no college education who support President Trump and consider themselves to be conservatives and/or Republicans.

Meanwhile, most of the first lady’s unfavorable rating comes from young college-educated women who consider themselves liberals and Democrats, a veritable reversal of the media narrative that asserts that Republican men are women-hating misogynists while educated liberal women support all other women (or something like that).

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In the end, this poll could reveal that the first lady’s favorable numbers are decreasing under the weight of the constant negativity by the liberal media — but it could also just be yet another stacked poll specifically designed to further the flagging narrative that the Trumps are widely despised.

Either way, the media plays a significant factor in these numbers, and they deserve to be called out over them.

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