Melania Trump calls out ‘fake news’ media in fundraising email

For the most part, first lady Melania Trump keeps out of the D.C. hubbub. Instead, she has put her efforts into her “Be Best” campaign, promoting children’s well-being, both at home and abroad.

However, it’s crunch time, the final days before the midterm elections, and even the first lady is lending a hand. In an email to supporters of the president, Melania Trump called out the “opposition media” for spreading “fake news” to discredit the Trump administration.

NBC News reported that the email, sent on behalf of the Republican National Committee, went out to supporters and potential voters on Saturday.

Prove the “fake news” media wrong

In the email, the first lady suggested that was incumbent upon voters to help President Donald Trump “prove that the Democrats and media are wrong” about him, his agenda and his legion of supporters.

“Democrats and the opposition media are doing everything they possibly can to discredit Donald with false accusations by spreading their fake news and making it appear that he does not have the support of America’s voter,” said the president’s wife.

“This is a battle we must win together. I’m asking you and other Americans across the country to personally register your support and help prove that the Democrats and media are wrong,” she added.

The first lady is absolutely right in her message to Trump-supporting voters, and though she typically keeps a distance from the rough-and-tumble partisan squabbles, her voice is gladly welcomed in the current fight.

Not first pushback against media

This isn’t the first time that Melania Trump has called out the “fake news” media for their dishonesty toward her or her husband.

Indeed, on many occasions over the past two years, she — both directly and through her spokeswoman — has excoriated the media and biased reporters for their blatant lies and slanted half-truths.

Ironically, her pushback against the media bullies only seems to bring on even more hateful attacks from the left, which in essence proves her point — that the Trump family and their supporters are treated unfairly.

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We completely understand why Melania Trump tends to shy away from the grind of daily politics, but we are pleased she has stepped up to support her husband and his party in this critical midterm election fight.

Every bit of support helps.

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