Melania Trump to discuss fashion, marriage to Donald in revealing interview

First Lady Melania Trump was interviewed by ABC’s chief national affairs correspondent Tom Llamas while in Africa to visit the nations of Egypt, Ghana, Kenya and Malawi last week — and that interview, set to air on Friday night, is expected to cover some big topics.

In a special program titled Being Melania – The First Lady, Trump will reportedly discuss her personal life and marriage to President Donald Trump, the #MeToo movement, and her tastes in fashion.

Tough questions on marriage

The first lady agreed to do the interview with no preconditions or off-limit topics, even as she knew doing so could open her up to some rather pointed and tough questions about herself and her husband.

Based on previews of the interview, it appears that Llamas took advantage of this no preconditions offer to probe the first lady on the nitty-gritty of her life as the wife of President Donald Trump.

Llamas reportedly asked whether she believed she could be called a supporter of women in the #MeToo movement, a movement largely comprised of women speaking out against sexual abuse, assault, and harassment from powerful men.

The first lady also fielded a question about whether the president’s past infidelity — upon which the media has incessantly focused — has put a strain on their marriage.

Llamas also asked if the first lady believed there were any common “misconceptions” people may have about her, as well as her particular tastes in fashion.

Finally, questions on fashion

The question about her fashion choices, which have been in short supply since becoming first lady despite her history as a model, was especially focused on the controversial jacket she had worn when she traveled to visit detained illegal immigrant children near the southern border.

The green jacket read “I really don’t care, do you?” on the back, and there has been a significant amount of speculation among the media about who — or what — that message was aimed at.

The interview is reportedly only about 20 minutes long and comprised of only that handful of questions.

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It is worth noting that none of those questions touched on the issues Trump herself has focused on during her time as first lady, such as her campaign to improve the lives of children, in part by overcoming bullying.

It will be interesting to see how the first lady answers these rather personal questions, and whether the media will accept the answers she provides or dissect and interpret them in ways to derive completely different meanings than what she had actually intended — just as they always do.

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