Media Openly Lies, Claims Melania Considering Divorce – She Isn’t

Over the weekend, divorce rumors about the First Lady and the President were running rampant but there is one problem… they are all fake news.

The story that Melania was seeking a divorce and that was promoted in the liberal media was nothing more than speculation based on one of those infamous “unnamed sources.”

Fake News Using Unnamed Source… Again

The article in question was published on Hollywood Life by Robyn Merrett and touted as an “exclusive article,” yet it was nothing more than pure speculation on the writer’s part.

The unnamed source went on to claim Melania was using the announcement of the divorce by Vanessa and Donald Trump, Jr. to test the waters for her own divorce.

However, while this unnamed source tells one story, Melania’s public behavior tells quite a different picture…

Nowhere in her own social media do we see a hint that Melania is unhappy in either her role as First Lady or as the wife of Donald Trump.

Melania Adjusting to FLOTUS Role

It is no secret Melania was a bit overwhelmed at first at being the First Lady.

Having said that, she continues to grow into the role every day.

Oddly enough, the same media that claims she is sick and tired of the negative attention is the very same media that is creating the negative stories about Melania.

What is the Media Up To?

Is the mainstream media actually trying to create a rift between the First Lady and President Trump?

This is pure speculation our part, but all signs point to that being the case.

Very rarely do we see positive stories on the mainstream media about the First Lady.

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What we do see, however, are stories constantly comparing her to their media darling, Michelle Obama, and claiming she is falling short on her duties as the First Lady.

Americans, however, can see through the lies and are quite happy with their First Lady and until we hear otherwise, we will assume Melania is happy being both Mrs. Trump and The First Lady of the United States.

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