Melania chose Mt. Vernon to entertain French President due to its historical French connection

What is that saying… it’s all in the details.

While the mainstream media ignores the brilliance of our First Lady, the fact that she planned a dinner with the French President and his wife at Mt. Vernon did not go unnoticed by conservatives.

The Significance

Mt. Vernon is the location of General and President George Washington’s home.

This is of significance due to the ties Washington and our country had with France when our forefathers were fighting for independence.

France played a major role in assisting Washington and the Continental Army against the Red Coats.

At Washington’s home, there are quite a few gifts from Marquis de Lafayette, who served as both an advisor and friend to Washington, as well as numerous other French dignitaries.

Melania Trump is apparently quite the history buff and rightfully assumed President Macron would appreciate seeing that little bit of history during his visit to the United States.

A Thoughtful Gift

President Macron also came bearing gifts on his visit.

But, this was not some random trinket, but rather something of significant historical significance to America.

The French president brought an oak sapling tree to be planted on the grounds of the White House.

The tree was taken from one of the most monumental battle grounds in World War I, the Ardennes Forest, where the Battle of Belleau Wood was fought.

This is remembered as one of the last great assaults by the Germans, which was fought off by French troops with the assistance of a U.S. Marines brigade as well as the 2nd and 3rd Divisions of the U.S. Army.

After more than two weeks of fighting, Major Maurice E. Shearer, the commander of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines submitted a report announcing victory, writing “Woods now U.S. Marine Corps entirely.”

It is arguably the most famous battleground report given by any U.S. military officer.

Shearer would eventually retire with the rank of Colonel but was promoted to Brigadier General in retirement for his combat service.

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The Battle of Belleau Wood is considered to be one of the most epic battles in USMC history.

So, it would appear history was not lost on anyone but the media during this visit from the French President.

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