Report: Melania Trump believes her husband over Stormy Daniels

The media will not let the Stormy Daniels story go away, so the Trump camp is trying to put a halt to it on its own.

During a recent interview, Rudy Giuliani, speaking for the First Lady, stated that “She believes her husband and she doesn’t think it’s true.”

Stand by Your Man

Melania Trump is not buying into the rumors and stories about her husband.

While she has not openly commented on the rumors, Giuliani, who joined Trump’s legal team two months ago, spoke on her behalf.

The media will not let up, however, with CNN continuing to push the Daniels story over every other story in the cycle.

In fact, during March and April, the network featured Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti on all but two days.

And, in May, Avenatti appeared 15 more times.

Just yesterday, the network devoted much of its prim time coverage to the Daniels story.

Giuliani on the Attack

Since joining Trump’s legal team, Giuliani has served as somewhat of an attack dog for Trump.

His role is actually much what most people thought Christie would serve if Trump had made him part of his administration.

After hearing Avenatti and Daniels rip Trump over the last three months, Giuliani fired off a few shots of his own.

Giuliani’s comments about Daniels especially aggravated Avenatti.

The former New York mayor stated, “I respect women – beautiful women and women with value – but a woman who sells her body for sexual exploitation I don’t respect.”

Giuliani was no doubt referring to the recent tour Daniels embarked on to profit from the headlines she has been getting over this case.

Most of her appearances have been at local strip clubs, where Daniels is now getting high five figure and sometimes six figure appearance fees.

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In response to Giuliani’s comments, Avenatti called him “disgusting and a disgrace.”

Perhaps Mr. Avenatti should take a quick look in the mirror before throwing out those types of adjectives about anyone.

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