Megyn Kelly’s dog Basha has died

Anyone that has ever lost a pet can sympathize with Megyn Kelly this week.

On Friday, the Today host shared the loss of her dog, Basha, with fans.

Loyal Pet

Kelly was lucky that she was able to enjoy more than a decade with Basha, who gained notoriety recently when Kelly brought the pooch onto the set for a segment.

On National Take Your Dog to Work Day, Kelly brought her fur baby on the set for tips on how to keep pets safe during the summer heat.

Prior to that, Kelly had shared numerous stories about her pet, dating back to her days on Fox News.

Vacation Stories

One of the more entertaining stories Kelly shared was how the family accidentally left Basha behind.

Her family had wandered into the wrong vacation home.

After realizing the mistake, they packed up and left.

Unfortunately, the dog decided to camp out and was left behind.

When Kelly realized the dog was not with them, they returned to the home they mistook for their vacation home.

They knocked on the door and told the people in the house they had left their dog behind.

Initially, the people in the home told her she was wrong, there was no dog there.

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Then, a quick search of the home revealed that Basha was plopped down in the living room, making herself right at home!

While conservatives have a love-hate relationship with Kelly right now, everyone will no doubt send their condolences to her for her loss.

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