Megyn Kelly spotted entering book publishing office in NYC

Ever since Megyn Kelly was let go by NBC, seeing her out and about has been a rare occurrence — but she was recently spotted entering a book publishing office in New York.

When visiting a building that is home to Hachette Book Group, she attempted to avoid the media wearing huge sunglasses and holding a massive umbrella to hide her face.

Keeping Quiet

Kelly is still amid negotiations over her NBC departure, but both the former Fox star and the station that televised Kelly’s latest gig, Megyn Kelly Today, have remained quiet about the process — and for good reason.

Kelly had signed a massive deal worth almost $70 million with NBC, so her exit will not be cheap for the network.

And Kelly knows she has a big payday coming her way after her controversial firing — so why risk it by saying the wrong thing in public?

At the same time, the network wants to keep things on the down-low for fear of giving her attorneys more fodder to use during their negotiations.

New Book Deal in the Works?

With all this time on her hands now that she’s gone from NBC, people are wondering what is next for Megyn Kelly — and this sighting might explain what she’s been up to.

The publicist for Kelly’s first book recently accepted a new position at Hachette Book Group.

That organization happens to be located in the building which Kelly was seen entering.

Is a new book in the works?

Kelly’s Future

Meanwhile, as tensions cool between Kelly and her former employer, everyone wants to know where the once-conservative firebrand will land.

While Fox executives were upset when she left, it does not appear that will be her new home.

Lachlan Murdoch seemed to shoot any idea of Kelly rejoining Fox down rather quickly during a recent interview.

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“I’m very happy with our current lineup on Fox news and we won’t be making any changes there,” he said.

At the same time, Murdoch did have some heavy compliments for Kelly, and wished her nothing but the best.

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