Megyn Kelly addressed rumors that Michelle Obama might be picked to replace Joe Biden in 2024

September 7, 2023
Ben Marquis

In light of President Joe Biden's advanced age and declining physical and mental health, there has been persistent rumors that he will be replaced as the Democratic Party's nominee ahead of the 2024 election, potentially even by former first lady Michelle Obama.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who already suspects that the Obamas are secretly running the Biden administration, recently addressed that rumor and surmised that an Obama run would motivate Republican voters just as much as Democratic voters, according to the Daily Beast.

She also made it abundantly clear that Republican opposition to a Michelle Obama presidential run would not be based on racism but rather due to anti-American statements that she has made in the past.

Obama would motivate both Democrats and Republicans to vote

Kelly, who currently hosts a successful program on SiriusXM radio, joined fellow former Fox News host Eric Bolling on his current Newsmax program to discuss a range of topics about President Biden that included the persistent rumors that he might be replaced next year as the nominee by the former first lady.

When asked for her thoughts on that idea, Kelly said, "Well, there are a lot of people who think the Obamas are already running the government and that there is some sort of shadow puppet situation going on that they’re controlling. You know, because there have been questions since the beginning -- is it Joe Biden really making the calls?"

"I think Michelle Obama is seen as a savior figure by the Democrats. They think she’s the most beautiful person ever. They think she’s the strongest leader. They think she’s their big hope," she continued. "However, she's also gonna motivate Republicans, and how!"

Democrats should be "careful" as Obama is not a "skilled politician"

"And I'm sure she'll say 'Oh, I'm motivating to them because they are all racist, all the Republicans,'" Kelly said of Obama. "No. It's because you don’t like America."

She went on to reference prior remarks from Obama, such as her claim in 2008 that she was proud of the country for the "first time" because of her husband's electoral success, or more recently when she claimed that she always straightened her hair while her husband was president since presumably racist Americans weren't yet "ready" for a black woman with naturally curly hair in the White House.

"Really? I mean, it’s the same country that made Oprah Winfrey an absolute billionaire, and I watched that show daily and Oprah wore her hair however the hell she wanted," Kelly continued. "But this woman has no faith in the goodness of Americans, at least not if they have a little 'R' after their name as opposed to the little 'D.'"

"So I do think they should be careful," she added of Democrats, "because Michelle Obama may not be quite the skilled politician they hope she is."

The Obama replacement rumors

As noted, there have been rumors swirling about Michelle Obama being picked by "desperate Democrats" as a sort of emergency replacement in 2024 for not just President Biden but also, apparently, Vice President Kamala Harris, who presumably would be next in line as Biden's successor and heir apparent but who is broadly disliked by the American people even worse than her boss is.

Part of what has fueled the Obama rumors was a poll last month which found that, should the former first lady enter the presidential race, she would immediately surpass the incumbent president as the top choice of Democrats to be the party's 2024 nominee.

How Obama might fare against former President Donald Trump, who remains the overwhelming favorite of Republicans despite -- or perhaps because of -- the multiple criminal indictments against him, is a separate question, but as Kelly so clearly surmised, Republicans would be highly motivated in such a circumstance to defeat the Obamas and return Trump to the White House for a second term that many continue to believe was unjustly stolen from him.

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