Megyn Kelly returning to Fox News for appearance on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

Almost a year to the day from her firing at Today, Megyn Kelly is returning to television.

That is news enough, but the fact that Kelly is making an appearance on Fox News with Tucker Carlson has the media world abuzz.

Kelly Returning to Fox?

The timing of the Kelly interview so soon after Shepard Smith’s departure from Fox News is rather interesting. While the network insists it is purely coincidence as to how all this lined up, not everyone is convinced.

With Smith gone from the daily lineup, trying to get Kelly back would actually make sense. Kelly is a conservative, but she has never had a problem calling out something she did not like.

Right or wrong, it gives a more fair and balanced appearance, and the fact she sparred with Trump during the 2016 debates could be a big draw for the network.

Imagine Kelly back on the set of Fox News during the 2020 debates with all that is going on in Trump’s world. That would be a fireworks show for which every American would be willing to tune in.

For now, this is all speculation, as everyone is keeping their cards very close to the vest on the future of Smith’s spot and Kelly’s future in the media.

What Will They Talk About?

Kelly undoubtedly has a lot to say, but we have to wonder just how much freedom she will have to say it. She received a massive financial settlement when she departed “Today,” so there was surely some type of agreement in place that will prevent her from saying anything negative about the network or show.

Kelly has been very active on social media as of late regarding sexual assault allegations against former NBC personality Matt Lauer.

Just a few days ago, she sent out a tweet about Brooke Nevils, the journalist who was fired over the initial allegations of rape made against Lauer.

Kelly will more than likely have a few negative things to say about Trump as well, which should create some drama, considering how much Carlson regularly defends the president.

With her dislike for Trump, it will be very interesting to see how she perceives the impeachment effort against the president, as she represents the perspective of a significant number of old school Republicans who dislike Trump, but may still vote for him just to thwart the nefarious machinations of the Deep State.

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