Report: Megyn Kelly may be preparing her return to TV

Rumors are starting to fly that Megyn Kelly will be back on TV very soon, according to the Daily Mail.

In the meantime, however, Kelly’s public appearances have been limited to candid shots of the former Fox star walking her new puppy.

Return to TV?

Megyn Kelly has been out of the limelight since she left the Today show, which she joined after leaving Fox News.

Kelly had gone against President Donald Trump while at Fox, alienating her from her conservative base that had supported her for so long.

When NBC stole her away from Fox, they thought they had engineered the coup of the century in the news world — but all Kelly did was burn money during her brief stint with the network.

So when Kelly she made a comment about wearing blackface for Halloween, NBC sent her on her way — with a $69 million payout that more or less had her set for life.

Keeping a low profile

Since that controversy, Kelly has been keeping a very low profile — other than walking her new puppy around town.

But having not seen or heard from Kelly in so long, the internet just about blew up when she posted a video of herself and “Thunder” heading out for a walk — or should we say, a drag.

Take a look:

Of course, it wasn’t the dog everyone focused on — but rather, Kelly’s convenient timing.

It would make perfect sense for Kelly to make her return to TV during the election season, as that is truly her claim to fame. And with so much controversy surrounding Trump right now, fans would surely tune in to see Kelly spar with the president once again.

But only time will tell if we ever get to see that.

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