Megyn Kelly reacts to Stormy Daniels’ arrest

Megyn Kelly could barely hold it together after learning of Stormy Daniels’ arrest.

But Kelly’s best line came when discussing Daniels’ attorney — she said that he thinks the charges are “Trumped up.”

Conspiracy Theory

While getting a few laughs, Kelly and company clearly think there are some outside forces influencing what happened to Daniels.

One member of her panel outright questioned whether the cops would have even been there if Trump were not in office.

Kelly herself pointed out the law being enforced has not actually resulted in an arrest in more than a decade.

Yet another member of the panel flat out used the word “conspiracy” when describing how this arrest went down.

What They Are Forgetting

The problem here is the ladies are forgetting one basic fact.

As the local police stated, this was an ongoing investigation.

Because the local police had been alerted to possible prostitution and human trafficking out of the club, they had officers there to investigate.

In all honesty, had there not been these accusations, it is highly unlikely any officers would have been in the club during her performance.

Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, has also conjured up the ghosts of conspiracy.

Immediately after Daniels was arrested, Avenatti announced they would be fighting the charges.

As Kelly mentioned, Avenatti believes this sting operation was ordered by someone loyal to Trump.

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He just doesn’t seem to understand his client regularly breaks laws during her performance.

She just has not been held accountable for her actions until now.

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