Megyn Kelly NOT Returning To Fox News

Disgraced former Fox News star Megyn Kelly was forced out of her television show on Fox news after she lost favor with her viewers.

Back in 2015, when Kelly moderated one of the televised presidential debates including then-candidate billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump, she asked Trump some pretty pointed questions that sparked outrage among many of his supporters. As a result, Kelly got into a feud with Trump that ultimately led to her leaving Fox.

Rumors have been circulating that Megyn Kelly might return to Fox News, since she has discussed recently that she plans on making a television comeback. However, it looks like her return to Fox News won’t be happening.

Page Six recently conducted their own investigation into the issue, and found out that Kelly has decided to opt-out of returning to Fox:

“Amid wild rumors following Megyn Kelly’s headline-making Fox News appearance, Page Six has learned she is not returning to her former network — and is instead set to launch her own news production company and take on her old nemesis Bill O’Reilly.”

The report even goes further to suggest that her failure to return to fox might be due to her “radioactive” qualities:

“Despite speculation, Kelly isn’t returning to Fox’s anchor desk. TV insiders say Kelly’s difficult spell at NBC may have made her ‘radioactive’ to the large news organizations, even before she went on TV to trash her former bosses.”

Kelly tried to jump-start her career after leaving Fox News by heading her own show at NBC. Sadly, the show completely fell apart.

Leaving NBC, Kelly in turn started blaming the leadership of the network – claiming they were responsible for her demise.

But recently, Kelly has been trying to make a comeback on television. Even appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show. Which, according to Page Six, has did really well:

“Kelly’s appearance on Carlson’s show drew 4 million viewers to the program, making it the most-watched cable show of the day.”

What Megyn Kelly will do next is anyone’s guess. But one fact remains clear: She’s definitely trying to cook something up.

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