Megyn Kelly in final talks for huge pay day after leaving NBC

If you were starting to feel sorry for Megyn Kelly over losing her gig at NBC, don’t.

Kelly is now reportedly in negotiations with the network to receive a $30 million severance package for her failed experiment on the liberal network.

Epic Failure

When NBC signed Megyn Kelly to a $69 million deal, they thought they had the coup of the century.

Kelly was one of the most popular hosts on Fox News until she went head-to-head with then-candidate Donald Trump.

Her popularity on Fox dwindled, but NBC thought she could help the network attract more conservative viewers.

From the moment she sat on the set of Today, though, it was clear this was going to be an epic failure.

Her portion of the Today show was estimated to cost several times more than any other portion of the daily show.

Kelly also seemed to be out of her element from the very beginning — and understandably.

She had earned her stripes doing hard news and interviews, and suddenly, she was cooking cakes and talking about Halloween costumes.

And when she made a comment alleging that blackface was okay for Halloween when she was a kid, the network had the ammunition they needed to get rid of her and end this debacle.

Coworker Outrage

After Kelly made her comment, Al Roker, an African-American weatherman who is considered one of the pillars of the Today show, expressed outrage and insult over her comments.

His reaction led to Kelly officially apologizing on air, but that was not enough for the network or Roker.

Soon after Kelly’s comments, Roker quipped: “The fact is, while she apologized to the staff, she owes a bigger apology to folks of color around the country.”

NBC is now just looking to get past this and put Kelly in its rearview mirror.

The network reportedly wanted this settled some time ago, but Comcast, the parent company of NBC, has finally agreed to pony up a settlement that would pacify Kelly and avoid a future lawsuit over the issue.

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Kelly is not expected to be off air for long, though.

Campaigns are just starting to get revved up for the 2020 presidential run, so you know someone will snag her up to get her on stage opposite the president for some primetime drama.

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