Megyn Kelly launches Instagram account with interview of CBS employee accused of Project Veritas leak

Former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly has been out of the news business for a year now and most expected her to sign with a network by now.

Kelly just announced that she’s back at it again, but not with a major news network. Kelly appears to be launching her own personal news outlet, promoting an exclusive interview on her new personal Instagram page.

ABC “Whistleblower” Fired

Project Veritas has been stirring things up ever since Trump got elected. A recent report by Project Veritas showed that a former ABC employee was fired from CBS after she was linked the leaked tape of reporter Amy Robach ranting about how ABC killed her story about Epstein.

According to numerous reports, ABC dropped the Epstein story because it was linked to Prince Andrew. ABC, however, has stated that was not the case.

According to the network, the story was dropped because it did not meet its standards. This is the same network, mind you, that reported “exclusive” footage of bombings in Syria after President Trump announced the troop withdrawal.

That footage was later found to have been a shooting range in Kentucky, so we are not really sure what standards ABC was referring to.

Regardless, when the employee’s name was linked to the footage that was leaked to Project Veritas, CBS immediately fired her.

Kelly is promised some rather significant news on that front via her personal Instagram page and YouTube channel on Friday, and then released a bombshell interview of the tearful ex-CBS employee on the same day.

Who Needs a Network

Kelly left Fox News to do the “Today” show, but that experiment was a complete flop. Rather than continue with controversies and bad ratings, Kelly was given a massive payoff in order to send her packing.

There has been significant anticipation about where Kelly will land, but it now appears as though she is going to go the independent route.

This may actually be the best move for Kelly because she will no longer be tied to restrictions from networks.

She can truly go where the news leads her and has the name recognition to pull it off.

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